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At the beginning of the 20th century, Acapulco remains one of the best kept treasure of the Pacific ocean. far from being a trendy touristic destination, Acapulco is described as a charming land, with its white sand beaches, its luxurious vegetation and its mansions overlooking the bay. 

It’s in the daybreak of the 50s that the town will its apogee with the opening of great establishments where Hollywood people look forward to go. 

There’s for example, the El Mirador hotel and its La Perla bar ont the De La Quebrada coast, handled by the “The King of Swing” Teddy Stauffer. Thanks to his well-filled address book, this musician chased from the Nazi Germany, has arrived by hasard to Acapulco with Errol Flynn, had everyone in Hollywood coming on his PERCHOIR. Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra et Sammy Davis Jr, among others, will find there a royal peace. 

There’s also the Casablanca hotel, known for its ENDIABLE parties and its unlikely turtles races in the pool. By the way, Orson Welles will shoot “The Lady from Shanghai” with Rita Hayworth in 1947. From the 40s until the 80s, anybody who’s looking for fun and excitement goes to Acapulco. 

Here, we live freely with our lovers and our excesses thanks to an entre-soi jalousement cultivé.

Brilliantly documented by the photographer Slim Aarons. The romantics come there for honeymoons to copy Jackie and John F. Kennedy, where the party people dance until the end of the night in clubs that became iconic. 

(source Vanity fair)

Icone at Acapulco

Charmed by its story, its in this universe that we wished to produce our Spring/Summer 21 collection. Under the sign of the fast years of Acapulco, our icons that danced there every summer during decades, artists that have immortalised its ineffable beauty.


At a time where embroidery finds its noble letters; Icone highlights it in its summer 21 collection.

A collection marked with poetry and nostalgia. Solar, floral, transparency game, our embroideries mix with audacious shapes. 

A captivating walk under the sun exactly !

The set

First of all, it's a story of sublety, to know how to handle the color... A pastel peach slightly sour, which is a color for the summer, like a drawing on the skin, the embroidered pattern makes senses once worn. 

The set

Exclusively made of embroidery on tulle fabric, the Susana ensemble is the perfect triangle bra that highlight every breasts. It can be closed on the side for a back 100% discreet. Its solar pattern ingeniously remains the lines of citrus fruits.

The set

A well-off lace, a retro cut, an iconic model. The perfect combo between a vintage lace and a timeless shape.

The set

A brassiere entirely made of embroidery, very light. A mono underwire for a perfect curve.


Night and day, we wear the Paola body. We have lined its cups to wear it without a bra, in a pair of jeans or a skirt. Some small yokes of geometrical embroidery on the sides of the thights and the shoulders ingeniously underline the curves.

Entirely made of the sweetest and finest microfiber we sourced, the body is beautiful but much than that, very confortable too.

The set


The ensemble Dulce is a marriage between a lightweight microfiber and a nice retro lace. A triangle shape with a nice flying back.

Perfect for the summer !

The set


For three seasons, we've been releasing light embroideries on vaporous tulle for our collections. This year, here comes Leandra, a nice embroidered outfit with little daisies.

The Gloria

We drew this embroidery while taking floral and geometrical patterns as an inspiration, like suns drawn on the skin. Its balconette bra shape is extremely confortable and highlights all chests. Ideal for all chests even the biggest ones.

The low-cut panty has an embroidered yoke in the back and is definitely a must-have piece of our collection.

The Valeria


Our embroidery with solar patterns will blend perfectly with this light microfiber with natural skin tones on a very comfy model that will easily be forgotten, like a second skin.

The Selena

With its refined embroidery, this ensemble will highlight our bodies. A back in satin for a discretion and confort under our clothes. A charming union of colors. This ensemble makes us feel good and pretty at the same time.

The Vega

In a tafta microfiber and a trim of Italian lace, it's the perfect ensemble to wear everyday.

The Bianca

The dream pyjamas. A lightweight and sweet viscose, a retro Italian lace, buttons on the front and a loose but sensual cut.

It's our new favorite pyjamas. Ideal to sleep or chill this summer.

The Merida


A nice geometrical pattern on a sweet lace. This ensemble gathers confort, support and delicacy. 

A low-cut panty that will highlight your shapes.

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